Friday, June 3, 2011

BetUS Continues to Stiff Players and Swears at it's Clients!

Just got an email from a player who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of never receiving his funds from the crooks and scam artists at BetUS Sportsbook. Here's what this unfortunate player had to say in his email:


I'm happy to see someone taking action and telling people how this scam sportsbook BetUS treats players and how they rip us off. I too am owed over $2000 after winning over $1800 from my $200 March Madness deposit. I asked for a withdrawal the night Uconn won the title game and am still waiting for my money after countless emails and phone calls. I have stopped calling after I was told to "stop f*cking whining and relax" the last time I called 2 weeks ago. Relax? I have been waiting for over 6 weeks! I was so apalled and upset that I slammed my phone into my dashboard as I was driving and made my daughter cry in the frontseat. I cannot believe a sportsbook that markets itself all over the place and says they are the #1 sportsbook online behaves like this. I have contacted my local district attorney's office and filed a claim and I will be soon contacting the DOJ. These scumbags need to be hauled into jail and pay for these crimes. I hope I get my money somehow but day by day I am losing all faith."

Can you believe this people? The folks at BetUS are beyond approach. Simply the biggest band of thieves, con artists and scum bags in the online gambling industry. The US government needs to hear more of these stories so they can shut these bafoons down for good.

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - Warning Site for Ripped Off Players, Affiliates and Advertisers who have Been Scammed by!

Welcome to where you can voice your disgust and anger on's band of thieves if you, like us, have had ENOUGH of the bullshit and lies told from you by and are sick and tired of not getting paid your money from winnings, commissions and/or advertising money! I started this site because I am owed $2749 from my winnings on the BetUS Sportsbook and Casino from January 4th thru March 2nd. I requested a withdrawal on March 3rd and was told I would receive my payment within 2 weeks. Well, after a series of emails and phone exchanges over the past two months guess what ladies and gentlemen? I am still waiting on my god damn money!!!! I have been promised time and time again that I would receive my money by multiple reps over the phone and via email. I was even bribed with bonus offers if I wanted to play my remaining balance instead of waiting for the payout. I have become increasingly frustrated and am now doubting whether I will EVER receive my money. I have played with BoDog, Bet365, Pinnacle Sports, The Greek and BookMaker for many years and have never been stiffed. However, after reading great reviews on BetUS from a few sites including Covers I decided to take advantage of their 55% bonus offer. I turned my $250 deposit into $2749 and wanted a payout to help my poor 8 year old black lab dog get cancer surgery. Now I can't even afford the ******* surgery yet because I haven't gotten my damn money!!!! I have grown tired of the scam and stories promising payment and now have made it my mission to warn everyone on the internet about this rip-off operation they have down in Costa Rica. These guys are bad news people and apparently from my research I am not the only one getting the run around and stiff job by these crooks at BetUS. If you have been stiffed, ripped-off and not paid your money by the thieves and rip-off artists at BetUS please email me at so I can post your complaint on this site. We need to put this Scam Sportsbook called BetUS out of business so they cannot continue to rip-off players like they have notoriously done from my research.